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  • Best for:
    Enetrepeneurs, Innovators, Intrapeneurs, Professionals, Start Ups
    Startup, Lean STart Up Methodology, Business Model Generation, Customer Development
    Type of learning:
    Skill based
    Course type:
    Free and Paid Self-paced courses
    Certificate of completion and improvement
    Learning pathways:
    E-MOOC is a young Spanish platform, created by Pablo Conde and his team, which specialises in offering a free open online course and practical guides to help entrepreneurs create startups. The platform uses the Lean Startup and Customer Development methodology allowing users to develop their idea and turn it into a company with the collaboration of Universities and Business Schools.

    Tools & Features
    • One Main Course, free, on-demand, self-paced, structured in 15 modules,integrated in 3 big Modules:
      • Lace problem-solution
      • Product-market fit
      • Scalability
    • Growth Hacking: six courses, payment in relation to the chosen plan (as an "itinerary")
    • Hacking Twitter: one course, payment in relation to the choosen plan
    • Startup Law: one course, payment in relation to the choosen plan
    • 4 Plans to build yourself your entrepeneur's path:
      • Idea [FREE]: includes the Main Free Course, Social Net and Eco,s (virtual currency in e-mooc)
      • Growth [$19/monthly) : includes, in addition, this Growth Hacking Course & Startup Law Course
      • StartUp [$49/monthly]: includes the paid courses, your own blog and mentoring
      • Investor [$299/monthly]: includes, as a plus of the previous plan, evaluation of your startup, live mentoring, and active presentation to investors.
    • Private Social Network, for all the community members: groups, forums, threads, private mails...
    • Resources: videos, library
    • Virtual currency: called ECO, you'll recieve ECOs for any interaction you do in the community: finish a module, publish a post, create a group, edit a thread...With these ECOs you'll have access to extra content, gifts or a video chat tutorial with Pablo Conde.
    • Downloadable course materials
    • Project portfolio
    • Affiliate Program: invite and introduce your friends, collegues, all around the world within e-mooc and you'll recieve more ECOs
    • Certificate of participation and passing the course
    • Badges
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