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    Launched in 2012, CourseTalk is the leading search, discovery and sharing site for learners to explore a broad array of online courses offered by 43 different providers. The site connects students with individual course opportunities and also with universities, professors and other students. CourseTalk provides a comprehensive search engine for MOOCs and open enrolment courses freely available to anyone. Through the site, students can enrol in programs, communicate with professors and other students and rate & review courses. Reviewers rate the difficulty, the workload, and the quality of the overall course. They can also indicate whether they completed, partially completed, or dropped the course. This site also has a few social elements and a regularly updated blog that provides news and insights about MOOCs.
  • At a glance
    • Free Courses: Yes
    • Paid Courses: Yes
    • Search Engine: Yes
    • Filtering/Sorting: Yes
    • Social Features: Yes
    • Course Tracking: Yes
    • Ratings & Reviews: Yes
    • Course Comparison Tool: No
    • Articles/Blog: Yes
    • Newsletter: No

    Facts & Figures
    • Nº courses: 13,300+ (Professional: 62%/ Academic: 38%/ Recreational: 0.3%)
    • Nº providers: 45
    • Total nº reviews: 39,500+ (Professional: 70%/ Academic 30%/ Recreational 0.2%)
    • Nº reviewed courses: 8,500+ out of 13,300 courses (64%)
    • Nº courses with more than 5 reviews: 4,913 out of 8,507 (58% of which 52% are paid/sub courses)
    • Nº Subject Areas: 34 - 20 Professional (6,200+ courses, 22,100+ reviews), 6 Academic (3,700+ courses, 9,600+ reviews) & 7 Recreational (30+ courses, 50+ reviews)
    • Lists both free and subscription courses
    • Study Pathways
    • Browse option: browse by Course Provider, Pathway, Subject, School & Starting soon
    • Filtering: by Start Date, Cost, Rating, Subjects, Course Providers, Languages & Weekly Workload
    • Each category lists entries with overall star rating, nº reviews & nº courses
    • Each selection lists courses with star rating, nº reviews, cost & start date with the option to select entries to compare
    • Each course selection gives rating on Instructor, Course Provider & Content & list of student reviews.
    • The reviews show if the reviewer is taking part now, has partially completed or completed the course, with the review date
    • Option to vote if review was helpful
    • Option to select “Most Helpful” or “Newest” reviews
    • Lists courses other students taking the course were also interested in
    • Featured courses
    • Top Reviewers List
    • Short university profiles
    • User profiles, rewards & badges
    • Ability to save courses to a wishlist
    • Mobile site
    • Stylish look & easy to use
    • Gives number of reviews per provider, subject etc
    • Includes courses from some of the smaller MOOC providers
    • Considerably more star ratings on the course provider than the course itself.
    • Very few star ratings on Instructor
    • “Was this review helpful” vote – seldom checked
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Recent Reviews

  1. Carolyn
    "Very comprehensive directory & search engine"
    Pros - Large library of providers & courses
    Market leader for ratings & reviews
    Easy navigation
    Numerous site tools
    Cons - Not all rating & review features have content
    An excellent search resource offering numerous useful tools and features and a smoothe user experience


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