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    CourseBuffet enables users to discover and compare online learning resources. The site lists more than 500 courses from various MOOC providers, and each course is assigned a difficulty level to help students move from easier to more difficult material. CourseBuffet’s point of difference lies in this Classification System. Every course is given a CourseBuffet subject and level number (similar to what is used by many American universities allowing users to find and compare similar courses from multiple providers. The site also has a rating system for each course and allows users to save and keep track of courses as well as share a link to their page.
  • At a glance
    • Free Courses: Yes
    • Paid Courses: No
    • Search Engine: Yes
    • Filtering/Sorting: Yes
    • Social Features: No
    • Course Tracking: Yes (without notifications)
    • Ratings & Reviews: Limited
    • Course Comparison Tool: Through classification system
    • Articles/Blog: No
    • Newsletter: No

    Facts & Figures
    • Nº courses: 500+
    • Nº providers: 17+
    • Total nº reviews: Not known
    • Nº reviewed courses: Not known
    • Nº courses with more than 5 reviews: 0
    • Nº Subject Areas: Not known
    • Course classification system provides a useful tool to find equivalent courses
    • Scrolling featured courses by subject area
    • Search by typing in Course Title or Subject
    • Filter by institution, provider and course level
    • Ability to save courses and share page with others
    • Can only access full list of courses by typing in a keyword in search tool
    • Course level only relevant if user is familiar with US course numbering system
    • Limited course information
    • No upcoming course notification system
    • As the site doesn't provide a full list of available courses, it is not possible to give the number of reviewed courses without searching for and going into each course individually. However, a check on some of the courses revealed very few ratings and reviews (limited to 0, 1 or 2 per course).
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Recent Reviews

  1. Carolyn
    "Still needs to grow"
    Pros - Course classification system allowing users to find similar courses
    Stylish website
    Cons - Awkward site navigation
    Limited number of courses
    Limited course information
    No notification system
    Compared to other course directory sites, CourseBuffet doesn't offer the same level of content nor ease of site navigation


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