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    Created with the goal to provide a free online school, CosmoLearning (CL) is a non-profit educational website that collects open educational resources from universities, educators, and professionals. The site provides a collection of online educational videos, courses comprised of video lectures, documentaries, images, books and other multimedia. The contents are organized into 50 Academic Subjects ranging from Anthropology to Entrepreneurship to Political Studies to Veterinarian Medicine, as well as extracurricular subjects, such as like dance, film, and sports. Users can filter search results by specific criteria, such as top rated, recently added, and contributing university. All the videos are incorporated in the site with an introduction and/or additional information, and users can give feedback.

    No registration is required to access the content, but signing up allows you to save and rate features on the site.

    Tools & Features
    • 700+ courses, 1,300+ videos, 1,300+ images, 1,700+ documentaries, 600+ books
    • Content ratings and comments system
    • Personal favourites list (for registered users)
    • Weekly newsletter
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Recent Reviews

  1. Carolyn
    "A vast collection of resources for learning"
    Pros - Vast collection of resources
    Large choice of subject areas
    Content for K-12 to adult
    Cons - The quality of the resources is variable
    No learning pathways
    No social tools or features
    No certification
    Limited number of ratings & comments
    Some site functionality issues with links
    CosmoLearning offers a wide selection of different types of educational resources, catering for all ages, levels, and interests. A particularly useful resource for educators who are willing to sift through the vast amount of content and sort the good from the bad.


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