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Course Directories ClassCentral

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    ClassCentral provides a comprehensive database of MOOCs from a wide range of providers and includes a MOOC tracker tool which allows users to get notifications & recommendations of upcoming courses and keep a record of completed courses etc. Courses are categorised by subject area and can be sorted by start date, language and rating. As well as reading course descriptions, students can browse reviews and submit their own review and overall course rating. The site also features a “MOOC Report” with news articles, interviews and analysis. The site doesn’t offer any social elements.
  • At a glance
    • Free Courses: Yes
    • Paid Courses: No
    • Search Engine: Yes
    • Filtering/Sorting: Yes
    • Social Features: No
    • Course Tracking: Yes
    • Ratings & Reviews: Yes
    • Course Comparison Tool: No
    • Articles/Blog: Yes
    • Newsletter: Yes
    Facts & Figures
    • Nº courses: 2,300+
    • Nº providers: 42
    • Total nº reviews:
    • Nº reviewed courses: 795 out of 2391 courses (33%)
    • Nº courses with more than 5 reviews: 95 out of 2391 courses (4%)
    • Nº Subject Areas: 10
    • Featured & Upcoming courses
    • Search by Provider, Institution, Subject, Start Date & Language
    • Sort by start date and number of ratings
    • Shows nº courses against each selected category (provider, university, subject etc)
    • Shows nº people who are interested in each course
    • Lists related courses
    • Course description & Syllabus topics covered
    • Personal Profile Page
    • MOOC tracker tool – get notifications & recommendations of upcoming courses and keep a record of courses completed etc
    • Overall course rating option only
    • Reviews include information on reviewer's course status, course level and difficulty, course session & weekly worload
    • “Was this review useful” vote
    • “MOOC Report” with news articles, reviews, interviews and analysis
    • Newsletter
    • Stylish look & easy to use
    • No information on course Instructors

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Recent User Reviews

  1. Carolyn
    "Very comprehensive MOOC aggregator!"
    Pros - Large database of free courses
    Numerous course reviews
    Easy searching
    Excellent MOOC Tracking features
    Topical & relevant articles
    Cons - No information on course instructors
    Overall, an excellent site to discover free online courses and keep up to date with the latest trends.

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