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Study Resource Ratio Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statement Basic Finance

Ratio Analysis and Interpretation of Financial Statement with Examples

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  1. Jeff Aeren I. Tupaz
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    Bachelor's Degree
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    Basic Finance
    A. Ratio
    B. Liquidity Ratios
    1. Current Ratio
    2. Quick Ratio
    C. Asset Utilization Ratio
    1. Inventory Turnover Ratio
    2. Day Sales Outstanding Ratio
    3. Fixed Asset Turnover Ratio
    4. Total Asset Turnover Ratio
    D. Debt Management Ratio
    1. Debt Ratio
    2. Times Interest Earned Ratio
    E. Profitability Ratio
    1. Profit Margin Ratio
    2. Return on Asset Ratio
    3. Return on Equity Ratio

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