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Guide Online Tools for the Online Learner

Online tools to help students be successful online

  1. Carolyn
    We have put together a collection of carefully selected online tools which will help anyone learning in an online environment.

    Google Drive
    Google Drive is a cloud storage service which allows you to upload and store all of your files online. You can then share these files with others and access them from any computer, smartphone, or tablet, which makes it an ideal resource for online learners, either for safe storage, or for collaboration with peers, or both!
    Bookmarking Tools
    Bookmarking tools allow students to save and organise online content for later reference, sharing and collaborating. There are many online bookmark platforms so we have selected 6 of the best for you to try out:

    This free tool allows teachers and students to design and curate a digital portfolio of websites, documents, images, and videos.

    Diigo allows you to save and...
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