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Most Popular MOOCs of 2016 2017-01-05

Discover the most popular MOOCs of 2016

  1. MoocLab
    2016 saw continued growth in the number of MOOCs (Massive Open Online Courses) made available across the 3 main MOOC platforms, Coursera, edX and FutureLearn. In parallel, the number of learners who enrolled in at least one MOOC rose by nearly 53% in 2016 compared to the previous year showing an ever increasing interest in this type of learning. (Figures provided by ClassCentral)

    Looking at information provided by the Big Three, last year's top MOOCs by number of enrolments include courses in English Language, professional skills such as computer and data science, as well as courses focusing on developing personal skills and general well-being.

    Table of Contents
    • Introduction
    • The MOOC Platforms
    • Most Popular Coursera Courses
    • Most Popular Coursera Specializations
    • Most Popular edX Courses
    • Most Popular FutureLearn Courses
    • Useful Resources

    Discover the most popular MOOCs of 2016...

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