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  1. SheenaR
    Computer Science
    Study Level:
    High School

    1 Days

    Hey There,
    My name is Sheena, A self starter and self motivated person who want to explore emerging technologies like Cloud, AI, ML, Devops. I have already started learning of these technologies and wish to guide you how you can also learn all this at low cost.
    I started few months ago and at that time I was only knowing technologies which are spreading across the world very rapidly and today also these technologies are holding market & providing greater value to employee and employer.
    I started to know more about these technologies and day by day I gets motivated to learn all this but I was bit confused about where to start ?
    I researched well and found online authors like A Cloud Academy, Linux academy who all are deep dive courses on all these topics but what best I found is Udemy.com.
    Udemy.com having more than 80,000 courses from various topics and enrolled for quite of few them and I am impressed of content quality and delivery mode. All courses are also available to download in Udemy mobile app which allows me to watch and learn offline during travel time.
    I have almost purchased all of Udemy courses (Many of them are more than 24 hours long) as low as INR 640 and this amount is nothing as compared to quality and quantity that Udemy and it's authors are providing.
    Some time I have also used coupons from Udemy Coupons → Promo Code, Discount - October 2018 to purchase courses less than INR 640. Couponnx is amazing site to save few more bucks to make you happy and inspired.
    I suggest everyone to learn from udemy. It is low cost, quality content, great authors, learn anywhere and much more along with many free udemy courses.
    Best of Luck and keep rocking always,

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