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Kubota uses Microsoft Azure cloud for digital transformation 2020-04-02

Microsoft Azure cloud for digital transformation

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  1. Andrew Duch
    Manufacturing company Kubota has partnered with Microsoft to accelerate its digital transformation. It will migrate it's IT infrastructure and SAP systems onto the Microsoft Azure cloud and develop artificial intelligence (AI) solutions for food, water, and the environment.

    Kubota will use Microsoft Azure to streamline its business operations and accelerate innovation, thanks to the platform’s scalability and flexibility.

    Together, Kubota and Microsoft will launch a new AI Machine Learning Lab to accelerate innovations and train new developers in building AI solutions. Kubota will explore the application of AI in agriculture, water system infrastructure and the environment and Microsoft will support this with Azure Machine Learning.

    ”Kubota is recognized as a leader in environmentally compatible farming and agricultural equipment,” said Judson Althoff, executive vice president of Microsoft. “Combining its deep industry experience with the power of Microsoft Azure and AI capabilities will enable the delivery of new innovations that help feed a hungry planet, ensure access to clean water and promote overall sustainability.”

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