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Google Cloud and Cloud Computing Certification Courses on Intellipaat

Get the best training from the tops Industry experts

  • Overview
  1. Cloudy Tech
    Google Cloud Certification and Cloud computing courses on Intellipaat are MOOC-based learning programs that enable you to gain in-demand skills in career fields like information technology or data science. No prior experience is required to get started.

    With Cloud Computing spanning across each aspect of the technology world, knowing this concept is a must for tech-savvies and beginners. Let's learn What is Cloud Computing in this insightful blog!


    As the world was busy dealing with one of the most severe recessions of the century, the revolution was underway in computing. It was a revolution that was capable of shaking the foundations of how technology is being delivered to all organizations. This revolution was nothing else than cloud computing and the structure of the knowledge economy is being reshaped by it.

    Cloud Computing
    The entire training is in line with the certification and in accordance with the industry needs. Cloud computing courses are provided online as instructor-led or self-paced training. As part of the training courses you will master SaaS, PaaS, IaaS, deploy scalable cloud solutions in an enterprise setup. You will master the various tools and platforms like AWS, Microsoft Azure, DevOps, Blockchain, Internet of Things and other most sought-after technologies for making a great career in the cloud domain.

    Google Cloud Certification Training
    Intellipaat Google Cloud certification training online classes help you clear the Google Professional Cloud Architect certification exam. This training will give you hands-on experience in Google Cloud services like storage, computing, database, networking and security. Upon the completion of the google cloud platform training, you will be able to design and deploy scalable Google Cloud solutions for enterprises.

    This Intellipaat Google Cloud Architect training has been created by industry experts to help you learn the Google Cloud Platform. As part of the training, you will learn cloud computing essentials, various Google Cloud Platform (GCP) core infrastructure services and managing GCP services like storage, compute, database, networking, identity, and access management, security services and more through real-world projects.

    What will you learn in this Google Cloud Platform training?
    • Introduction to the fundamentals of Google Cloud
    • Managing and provisioning Google Cloud solutions
    • Implementing the Google Cloud architecture
    • Various GCP products and services
    • Analyzing data by running queries on GCP
    • Developing and deploying Google Cloud solutions
    • Managing GCP services using the app, CLI and console
    Why should you go for Google Cloud training?

    Google Cloud is among the top three cloud computing services in the world today. Thanks to the sheer dominance of Google in the Internet space, the cloud services offered by Google are going to expand in leaps and bounds in the near future. All this is going to create a huge number of job opportunities in the Google Cloud domain. Intellipaat’s Google Cloud Architect program has been created to give you a complete hands-on experience of working in the Google Cloud domain, thus helping you land in the best jobs in the cloud domain.

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