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Study Service Detailed critical reviews for online courses

Get detailed critical reviews for your online course

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  1. Hamideh iraj

    7 Days

    About me

    I passed more than thirty MOOCs and audited many others on different platforms including Coursera, Edx, Canvas, Udemy and Stanford online. A couple of my certifications are available on my LinkedIn profile. I have also implemented a flipped classroom so I can understand what students might think of the course contents in a face to face environment as well.

    What you will get

    You as an instructor or instructional designer, will get a detailed critical review about your online course, what your students might like/dislike about any course. My ideas will help you to see your course contents with a different perspective and correct it before you lose time and money on an unpopular course. The points include but not limited to the instructor's speaking or communication skills, if the instructors are easy to follow, if the course is divided into high-level and details appropriately, if the explanations are clear and if the course meets a typical student's expectations and last but not least, tips to improve the course. Even if the course contents are outside my expertise, I can review the course as a first-time learner.

    The price

    The price is 200 USD for a 4-6 week course. If the course is longer than this, you pay according to this rate. For example, for an 8-12 course, you buy my service twice. If the course requires me to pay for assignments, please ensure that I can access them for free.

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