Study Resource Counseling People Affected By Drug and Substance Abuse 2018-05-05

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  1. Peter Koech
    Drug and substance abuse

    A drug is a chemical compound that can alter the structure and functioning of the body. Psychoactive drugs affect the function of the brain, and most are considered illegal to use or possess. In content, the term 'substance' refer- to non-drug things like cigarettes and alcohol that can also alter the normal functioning of the body. Substance abuse is the overindulgence in and dependence of a drug or chemical leading to effects that arc detrimental to the individual's physical and mental health, or the welfare of others. It is also a regular use of a drug or a substance other than for its accepted medical purpose, or in doses greater than those considered appropriate obligations, interpersonal conflicts, or legal problems. Substance refers to things like alcohol and cigarettes.

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