Study Resource C# WPF Checkers Game - Formal Report and Source Code 1.0

An AI-enabled WPF checkers game, with complete academic essay.

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  1. MatthewF
    So you've been told to write a checkers program, with AI - and also write a formal report on said program?

    Sounds like a lot of work. Maybe you don't know where to start, maybe your halfway through but got stuck? Regardless, this package gives you a huge headstart, and lots of guidance.

    What do you get:
    • The compete source code written in Visual Studio
    • A 7 page formal description of the design and development process.
      • Ppf report file
      • Latex report file
      • Lyx Report file
    • A stand-alone demo of the final program.
    • A 9 page line-by-line breakdown of critical code chunks.
    Some technical detail:
    These are some of the design/development techniques used for this project:
    • WPF
    • MVC design
    • MiniMax AI algorithm
    • Delegate-timers
    • Continuation passing for UI updates
    • From-asset direct-to-image board rendering.

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