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MoocLab's Reviews serve as a guide offering an unbiased and independent appraisal of e-Learning platforms based on a list of set criteria using a star rating system: 1 star being the poorest and 5 stars being the best.

How to get started

  • Select a category from the sidebar on the right.
  • You can choose to view the reviewed items according to:

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  • You can also opt to “Watch” a category to get notifications on new or updated items, comments etc
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  • Viewing a review

  • Clicking on an item title will open the full review page.
  • Use the tabs at the top to navigate to the different review sections:
  • The “Reviews” tab features MoocLab’s independent ratings:
  • Clicking on a tag at the top of the page will also bring up a list of other items that have been associated with the same tag

  • The “Quick Stats” in the sidebar also gives you a quick overview of the item:
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