Virtual Library: Post in this group when you are studying so we can join! ^^

Post when you're studying and we can video call or otherwise cheer each other on~
Anyone wants to study rn with mics off?
Ahmed Galal
I’m a medical student. I need to increase my study potential through study partnership . feel free to ask me to be ur medical study partner to work days n nights without any downs .
Is anyone here for a study session with mics off ?
im a medical student
Hello, girls of MoocLab ! I have a study group for girls on discord! If you want to join in, just tell me :D !
Hi everyone, I study economics and I'm looking for a study buddy who speaks German or Turkish.
Hi everyone, I am a law student, does anyone, preferably from Europe, wanna join me to study at the same time ?
Hi all - I am new here :)

I am studying Accountancy (I am a previous Mathematics graduate) and am just looking to study at the same time as someone else - even if it is different subjects, I still find it encouraging/inspiring :)

Hope you are all well ^_^
Im also studying accounts, study with mike off
If interested send massage me on skype on below link
Looking for a study buddy for Medicine. Should stay up in zoom/Google meet. With mics off. Should motivate each other up and be consistent.
Looking for a study buddy for Medicine. Should stay up in zoom/Google meet. With mics off. Should motivate each other up and be consistent.
Luana Moraes
I'm studying right now :) let me know if you want to study too.
hey everyone ! anyone wanting to study for a couple of hours
hi is anyone currently having a section I can join?
Luana Moraes
Hey folks :) Anyone up for studying right now?
Hi All,
I am doing a research for my master's in Higher Educati for which I would like to learn more about study together methods. I created a 1-minute long survey to find out more about your methods:
Finding a study buddy
Can you please fill it out? That would be very very helpful. Thank you in... Read more…
Join Zoom Meeting

Meeting ID: 847 9636 3529
Passcode: M2pwkY
Is anyone up for studying for one hour right now?
Sonia J
Does anyone want to study (with mics off) tomorrow at 8 am (GMT+5:30)?
Hi. This is open to Medical Students.

We're having a study session tomorrow October 23, 7am (GMT+8). Just reply to this message and I will add you to the group chat so we can share our Skype details there. Thank you! Let's do this guys hahaha. God bless on your pursuits.
There's a difference of 7 hours from where I am. So it will be 00:00 am for me when the session will start (I'm sleeping at this time haha). So I just need to know how long will the session last so that maybe I can join later ? :)
Somebody wants to study for about 1 hour?
Anybody is studying right now ?