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Information - Technology in the classroom

Quick Overview

A course pathway in using technology for teaching and learning
English (US)
Aug 31, 2016
Ed Tech
Discussion Messages:


This Premium Study Group has been set up for teachers looking to develop their skills in integrating technology in the classroom.

The course pathway is made up of free online courses and other online resources covering topics in teaching with technology, and have been selected for their high quality and relevance.

Learning resources include 24 open online courses provided by top universities and institutions.

Topics covered include:
  • Emerging technologies for teaching & learning
  • Technology-enhanced teaching
  • Technology for K12 teaching
  • Developing digital skills
  • Using whiteboards
  • Using tablets in schools
  • EdTech Implementation & Evaluation
  • Virtual instruction
  • Performance assessment in virtual instruction
  • Digital learning
  • EdTech design & development
  • Assistive technology

By joining the study group, you will have access to the list of recommended courses and resources, and be able to meet and interact with other like-minded teachers by using the study group's social tools and features.

The courses and resources that we have selected are all hosted on external websites. In some cases, you may need to sign up to the hosting site to access the content. In all cases, the resources and courses listed are free to access, but you may be given the option to purchase extras, such as certificates or graded assessments.


Last Updated: Aug 31, 2016,

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