Study WITH talk - Read the description :D

Join if you if you are the type that can't work in complete silence but would rather have some interaction with like-minded students. Small talk is permitted but no music or loud distracting sounds. No 50/10 pomodoro, rather 25/5 Casual but effective!

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Hey you!

The reality is, university life is amazing because discussions can be had with like-minded people.‍‍‍‍

The aim of sessions within this group is to facilitate casual productivity.

Mics aren't muted so SMALL talk can be had, however, if you enter that state of FLOW ‍‍‍‍ and need silence then we recommend you turn the volume down on your own device and crank out your work until you leave FLOW.‍

‍Hosted sessions will include bite-sized bits of entertainment to recharge⚡ you for the next focus session

Studying can be enjoyable - if you agree, JOIN NOW

Typical Session format:
25min - Focused study
5min - Wrap-up
7/8min - Break

- Repeat!

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