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No more waste your time with phone for nothing! Let’s meet up virtually to keep motivated ourselves.

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Akiko Y.P
◆To those who are interested in joining, photo is required:)

To join us, everyone is required to their photo on their profile so that other members can know who you are before joining our online meetings. So make sure you have your photo uploaded on your profile before sending requests!

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Akiko Y.P
Hi guys,

This group has been active for last 2 weeks and some of members have done their materials! Congratulations on them!

Now I want to make this group useful for other members, too, and that's why I would like to hear from all of you!
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Dentistry student
Dentistry student
Hi akiko im a new member can u please tell me everything about being in this study group ?
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Akiko Y.P
Akiko Y.P
Dentistry student Hi! Thank you for asking. We are having online study group three times a week. It basically starts at 12:30 p.m. to 2:30 p.m. (GMT)
In addition, all members are able to organize online meetings by their own.

Hope that replies to your question!
Zo Dun
How do you join
Akiko Y.P
Akiko Y.P
Hi Zo! There should be a bottom for sending request to join this group. I currently can't find though (I guess it's because I'm in the group), can you find any?
Akiko Y.P
Hi everyone!
Welcome to this study group!

I'm Akiko, an organizer. I'm planning to have our first study group next week.

One thing I still don't know is which online platform we should use for our study group. So far, severals are come up with my mind like;

-House party

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