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Information - Simply Study Together

Quick Overview

No more waste your time with phone for nothing! Let’s meet up virtually to keep motivated ourselves.
English (US)
Jun 5, 2020
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This is a group for those who need some place to keep themselves motivated.
Members’ subjects are not the same. You can bring your own material.

- What we will do in this study group?

1. Quick self introduction and share your today’s goal with members
2. Study for 1 hour
3. Share your progress with members

-When does this group happen?
Start from 9AM - 11AM (BRT, UTC-3) *can be other times

! Just one thing before sending a request;

In this group, everyone is required to their photo on their profile so that other members can know who you are before joining our online meetings. So make sure you have your photo uploaded on your profile before sending requests.

This is how we try to keep this place safe and comfortable. It seems a strict rule, but imagine, with that condition, you can actually connect with other members from all around the globe and help one another to archive your goal! Isn’t this exciting!? ;)

Thank you for your understanding.
Looking forward to having you!!!


To join this group, please upload your face photo on your profile so that all of the member can know who you are. Thank you!
Last Updated: Jun 6, 2020, Updated By: Akiko Y.P

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