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Information - Ideas for Study Groups

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Some different uses you could make of the Study Groups
May 27, 2016
Study Buddy Groups
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Being part of a Study Group is a very effective way to enhance thinking and learning, allowing group members to share ideas and learn from each other. Study Groups can be formed by anyone for a multitude of different reasons: students, teachers, academics, professionals, craftsmen and women etc etc. Here are a number of possible uses:
  • Online Courses
Studying a course online can be an isolating experience, so forming a group of like-minded peers to enrol on a course together will make the learning experience far better and a lot more fun.
  • Exams
Being part of a Study Group is a very effective way to prepare for an exam. Group members can share notes, help each other on difficult concepts and offer mutual support and encouragement.
  • Group Projects
Forming an online Study Group is a great way to work on a joint project together, especially when organising face-to-face meet-ups isn't practical. Group members can easily plan, collaborate on ideas and share documents via the virtual Study Group.
  • Brainstorming
An online Study Group can provide an ideal place for teams (students, teachers, professionals or others) to brainstorm ideas for a specific problem.
  • Book Club
Create a discussion group to exchange ideas around a particular book or literary topic.
  • Peer Teaching
Peer teaching is a form of instruction where an expert in a particular field teaches and informs others who wish to learn from his/her experience. Forming an online Study Group around a particular topic or concept provides a great opportunity for people to connect remotely and share knowledge regardless of geographical distances. Such groups could be set up by students, teachers, professionals or simply a group of friends with a common interest.
  • Peer assessment
A great way of improving your grades is getting peers to review your work before submitting it. Doing this will flag up any misconceptions, omissions or typos. Online Study Groups can be used to form a group of peers to provide each other with constructive feedback on their assignments.

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Last Updated: May 27, 2016,

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