1. Study Groups for Teacher Continuing Professional Development (CPD)

    Discover Course Pathways each containing carefully selected high quality free online courses, MOOCs and resources to help you upskill and develop as a teacher.

    Meet other like-minded teachers and educators and learn together in a collaborative and supportive environment.

    Share your experience and knowledge with others.

    • Quick & easy to join
    • Access top free & low-cost online courses & resources
    • Create Discussions & Polls for great interaction
    • Create group events
    • Share study resources including documents, images and videos
    • Engage in live video chats with other members
    • Create your own Study Group around a topic of your choice

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Teacher Study Groups

Groups being shown from all sub-categories.
  • Closed Group

English Language Teaching

A course pathway in the practice of English Language Teaching
  • Closed Group


A Subject Knowledge Enhancement course pathway for Biology teachers
  • Closed Group


A Subject Knowledge Enhancement course pathway for Mathematics teachers
  • Closed Group

Computer Science

A Subject Knowledge Enhancement course pathway for Computer Science teachers
  • Closed Group

Educational Psychology

A course pathway covering topics in educational psychology
  • Closed Group

English Literature

A Subject Knowledge Enhancement course pathway for English Literature teachers
  • Closed Group
  • Featured

Behaviour Management

A course pathway in managing behaviour in the classroom
  • Closed Group
  • Featured

Student Assessment

A course pathway in student assessment techniques
  • Closed Group
  • Featured

Using Google in the Classroom

Learn the best strategies for using Google tools in the Classroom

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