Latest & Best upcoming courses

Happiness 900x400.png
Learn how to take care of both your minds and your bodies
The Skills Toolkit 900x400.png
The Skills Toolkit will help boost the nation’s skills during lockdown
FutureLearn Schools.png
High school students to get free access to over a hundred courses
Coronavirus Lockdown - New Skills 900x400.jpg
Try something new, learn a new skill or even explore a new career path
Free Online Courses about COVID-19.png
Learn about COVID-19 with these free open online courses
GAFM 900 x 400.png
Explore courses or MOOCs you can take to become eligible for certification
Open online content as a weapon to fight the new coronavirus
FL COVID-19.png
Find out more about the outbreak of the novel coronavirus and its implications around the world
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Accredited, online courses designed to help learners build specialised skills

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