FutureLearn Festival of Learning.png
Celebrating the vital role of educators and learners post-COVID
FutureLearn Tech Microcredentials.png
New microcredentials designed to upskill learners in digital skills
New MicroBachelors.png
Gain immediately transferable skills with academic credit
Stanford Machine Learning Course.png
Discover the course that helped launch the MOOC movement
OU Online Teaching Microcredential.png
Gain the practical skills to create online courses and teach adults online
FutureLearn & Uni of Glasgow Microcredentials.png
New online courses to provide vital new skills during the Coronavirus pandemic
Free online courses to help you ace your job interview
edX Professional Education.png
New Professional Education courses designed for senior managers and executives
Happiness 900x400.png
Learn how to take care of both your minds and your bodies
The Skills Toolkit 900x400.png
The Skills Toolkit will help boost the nation’s skills during lockdown

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