1. Jemma

    Study Buddy I have multiple disabilities and am hoping to find a quiet friendly study buddy to hang with

    I love reading books and writing poetry and Sci-fi. I am about to start my first year of a creative writing bachelors degree program, I’m 18. My courses are mostly asynchronous which will be pretty lonely. I enjoy lots about lots of other subjects too including social studies and science. In...
  2. M

    Study Buddy Study group GMT -8 (and +/-5 , or anyone who can study during that time) Zoom quiet study

    Hi! I just created a Skype group chat for anyone in GMT -8 and +/-5 hours from that, or if can study during that time please feel free to join. Recurring Zoom link will be shared once you are in the group chat. :) Join conversation Only polite & nice people who are serious about their studying...
  3. 2

    24/7 virtual study space

    This is a public zoom room for quiet studying.